Pancreatin 150 mg+Alpha Galactosidase 150 mg

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Pancreatin 150 mg + Alpha Galactosidase 150 mgPancreatin 150 mg + Alpha Galactosidase 150 mg is available in the form of tablets and capsules which helps to relieve the pancreas plays dual roles – one as an organ of the digestive system and of the endocrine system. The enzymes that help to digest food are produced by exocrine pancreas, mainly protein. Whereas The endocrine pancreas makes the hormone insulin, which helps to control blood sugar levels. On the other hand Alpha-galactosidase absorbs carbohydrates that are contained in food, thus problems of gas production and digestive discomfort can be easily treated by alpha galactosidase. 

Pancreatin – Pancreatin is used in the treatment of digestion problems that occur due to the inability of proper functioning of pancreas. Pancreatin is considered as the pancreatic enzyme supplement which mixes thoroughly with food and helps in proper digestion.

Galactosidase – Galactosidase  treats the symptoms like bloating, flatulence and belching by breaking the starch into simple sugars to digest easily. It is a digestive enzyme. 

Uses of Pancreatin 150 mg + Alpha Galactosidase 150 mg

Never consume this or any medication without the prescription of a doctor. Intake of drugs on your own can unimaginably affect your health so always use the same as directed on the label of the medicine, or as prescribed by your specialist. Your doctor can occasionally change your dose to make sure you visit at the preferred time or as per the appointment to get the best results. Do not leave the course in between even if you feel better and cured make the last visit to inform and consult with your doctor. 

  • Take the medication on the same time as suggested by your doctor
  • Same amount needs to be taken do not overdose or lessen the quantity as per your will
  • Do not try to open the capsule or break or chew the tablet in your mouth, swallow the medicine as whole with water
  • In case you have missed or skipped a dose, do not try to take double dose to cover the missed one as it will be become overdose and react opposite
  • Make sure you are following the instruction of taking the medicine with or without food or avoiding any specific food that is instructed by your doctor. 
  • Deciding the procedure or neglecting the specialist’s advice lead to lessen the effects of medicine and increase the length or your course. 

Side effects of Pancreatin 150 mg + Alpha Galactosidase 150 mg

If your doctor has prescribed you to use this medication, remember that your doctor has judged that the benefit to you is greater than the risk of side effects. but still there are always possibilities to happen opposite of what had been expected. Sometimes the small irritations and discomforts that may happen could settle within a short time. Apart from that if you feel the symptoms are persisting longer than it should be then immediately go to the doctor. 

Here is the list of some side effects.

  •  Diarrhea or vomiting
  • abdominal pain/cramps
  • Severe nausea,
  • Unbearable stomach pain
  • swollen or painful joints
  • any changes in your symptoms

Direction To Use | Pancreatin + Alpha Galactosidase Tablets/ Capsules

  • Do not take these digestive enzymes supplements until your doctor says so because it is not suitable for all and each body reacts individually. 
  • You should not take Pancreatin + Alpha Galactosidase if you are allergic to the molecules it contains, 
  •  if you have a long-term problem with your pancreas or suffering from gout, asthma. 
  • Without consultation strictly Not recommended for breastfeeding and a child-bearig lady
  • As it can cause problems like bloating and belching so the avoidance of consumption is must as the effects of this medicine can cause those symptoms severe after coming in the interaction of alcohol.
  • After taking this medicine avoid to do the work that needs proper attention until you know how does your body reacts and how do you feel after consuming this medicine 
  • If you are feeling dizzy or tired avoid driving, working on heights or operating machines. 


  • Keep the medicine the same as it was packed or in a tight container. 
  • Do not keep it in the fridge or bathroom. Store in the room temperature
  • Keep away from kids and pets
  • Throw the unused or expired medicine carefully to make sure that it is not consumed by any other person or pets. 

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