Top Third-Party Manufacturers in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh

Top Third Party Manufacturers In Baddi – Baddi, Himachal Pradesh is a hub for third-party manufacturing in India, with many pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies. Top Third-Party Manufacturers in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh who are not directly involved in a specific project offer various services such as creating formulas, making products, packaging them, and putting labels on them. Outsourcing manufacturing to other companies in Baddi can help businesses expand their product range without spending too much on equipment and facilities. Baddi is a good place for businesses to make their products in India because it has a good location, a skilled workforce, and a friendly business environment.

List Of Third Party Manufacturing Pharma Companies In Baddi

#1. Greenwell Lifesciences

Greenwell Lifesciences is one of the Top Third-Party Manufacturers in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh and is a well-known company that makes and sells Nutraceutical Products. We are trying our best to provide high-quality supplements like tablets, capsules, and syrups to help people live healthier lives. 

  • We offer our customers in India the opportunity to use our third-party manufacturing services. 
  • Our products are made using approved machines and are carefully packaged in clean and safe conditions, which works really well. 
  • The company is one of the best nutraceutical manufacturers in India. 
  • We have built a good name for ourselves in the market, which has allowed us to have lasting relationships with our clients.

Contact Details

Contact No.: +91-98759-82042


Address: Plot No-249, Hansa Industrial Park, Barwala Road Derabassi, Mohali Punjab (1405


SNU Biocare

Snu Biocare is a  Top Third-Party Manufacturers  in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, that is proud of its excellent facilities and advanced equipment, which meet global standards. 

  • The amazing success in making and providing top-notch medications without any harmful effects is based on understanding what people need and doing thorough research on molecules.
  • This is achieved by a team of dedicated experts who have special chances and training in this field. 
  • We are able to continue growing in the field because we are dedicated to making sure people trust us to keep them healthy, and because we always provide good quality and caring service.

Address – Plot No – 51, 10, marla, Industrial Area Phase II, Chandigarh, 160002

Lifecare Neuro

Lifecare Neuro Products Ltd.

At Lifecare, we want to make really good products that are better than what other countries make. We want to sell them at prices that are reasonable and not too expensive for people who want to buy them and are known of being the Top Third-Party Manufacturers in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh.

  • It has a deep understanding of the field.
  • He has worked for numerous prestigious companies, gaining valuable expertise along the way. With his vast experience and extensive knowledge, Mr. X is highly skilled in the industry. 
  • Yogendra Chopra is an important leader at Lifecare, and he has been instrumental in guiding the company towards success in the pharmaceutical industry.

Address – 70/1 Dharampur, Sai Road, Baddi, 173205. Himachal Pradesh, India 

Swastik Ayurveda

swastik-ayurveda-logo-200 x 90

Swastik Ayurveda is also one of the Top Third-Party Manufacturers in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh & is a well-known company in Baddi that specializes in Ayurvedic medicine. 

  • The products are made to help patients in many different ways, such as preventing, healing, and protecting against diseases. 
  • Our products have ingredients from organic fields, just like the pureness of nature. We follow strict rules from GMP, WHO, and the Ministry of AYUSH to uphold global standards. 
  • Our goal is to provide the best customer experience when dealing with herbal and ayurvedic medicines. These include a list of ayurvedic products such as herbal oil, tonics, herbal drops, and ayurvedic supplements.

Address – Plot No-295, Industrial Area, Phase-2, Panchkula, Haryana 134113

Dycott Healthcare

Dycott Healthcare

Dycott Healthcare started in 2016 making medicines for sick people. They are one of the companies that makes medicine for other companies in Baddi. People like their medicine because it works well and is not too expensive. They get the ingredients for their medicine from good suppliers who make things according to international rules.

Address – Bhud, Village Dasomajra, Baddi, Himachal Pradesh 173205

Salus Pharmaceuticals


Salus Pharmaceuticals is a popular company in India that makes tablets and capsules. They started in 2005. Lots of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies don’t make their own products. Instead, they hire other companies like Salus Pharmaceuticals to make them. Salus Pharmaceuticals is a top company in northern India that can make lots of tablets and capsules.

Address – 480/211 Haraiur PO Gurumajra, Baddi, Himachal Pradesh 174103

Knox Life Sciences

Welcome to Knox Lifesciences

Knox Life Sciences is a company in Baddi that makes medicine for other companies. They started in 2005 and are growing quickly. They have a modern facility for making medicine that follows the rules for safety and quality. The people who run the company have a lot of experience in making and selling medicine. The company is known for making good quality medicine for other companies.

Address – 421, Purv Marg, Industrial Area Phase II, Chandigarh, 160002

Bennet Pharmaceuticals


Bennet Pharmaceuticals Ltd. started in 1996 and makes and sells medicines like CLID, ANSET, ACIO, SYL, and SUCRO which are popular in certain medical areas. They want to be a top company in Baddi that makes medicines for other companies and they want to have many different healthcare products.

Address – Manpura, Baddi, Himachal Pradesh 173205

Helios Pharmaceutical

Helios Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to Good Health since ...

Helios Pharmaceuticals has become known for providing high-quality services in the Indian pharmaceutical industry. They have been serving customers and other pharmaceutical companies in Baddi since 1985, particularly in the area of third-party services.

Address – Baddi, Nalagarh, Malpur Rd, Himachal Pradesh 173205

Alliance Biotech

Alliance Biotech

This company’s main goal is to make new medicines, technologies, and ways to help people with their health problems. They have many different products that are helpful in every possible way. Their main mission is to improve people’s lives all around the world with good and affordable medicine.

Address – SC0 84, 2nd Floor, Swastik Vihar, Mansa Devi Complex, Rail Vihar, Sector 5, Panchkula, Haryana 134109

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If you have been looking for the Top Third-Party Manufacturers in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh we can help you. I hope this information is helpful to you. You have the option to choose from various third-party manufacturers in Baddi to invest in and obtain good quality products at a reasonable price.

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