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Omega 3 fatty acid capsules Manufacturer In India – Are you seeking information about the best omega 3 fatty acid capsules manufacturer in India? Greenwell Lifesciences is here to assist you. We are the leading third-party nutraceuticals manufacturing company in India serving for a decade ISO-WHO-certified products at competitive prices. With GreenWell Lifesciences, you get to enjoy a 360-degree solution for omega-3 fatty acid capsule manufacturing, including manufacturing, packaging, and delivery throughout India. 

Greenwell Lifesciences is a well-established pharma company that starts with a mission of becoming the leader in the nutraceutical industry. With our professional and skilled staff, we can become a trusted brand for outsourcing nutraceutical products including capsules, tablets, syrups, softgel capsules, and many more. Therefore, if you are interested in knowing more about our services, feel free to contact us at +91-98759-82042, +91-98759-82044 or you can mail us at,

GreenWell Lifesciences – One Of The Trusted Omega 3 Softgel Capsules Manufacturers In India

Undoubtedly, Greenwell Lifesciences deliver the best service where you do not have top-notch nutraceutical products but full assistance for the smooth functioning of your business. With our expertise and experience, we have already assisted over 1000+ associates in PAN India and can manage customer satisfaction over 90%.  Greenwell Lifesciences’s expert team holds a strong grasp on the market trends and assists every client not only in product manufacturing but beyond. Coming to our hi-tech manufacturing facility. Greenwell Lifesciences has its ISO-certified unit in a duty-free zone that has the capability of delivering over 500+ products. The entire manufacturing process takes place in a 100% hygienic environment. We have well-equipped labs and even have a strong team of 20+  in our Research & Development department. Moreover, Greenwell Lifesciences fetched top-quality raw materials for manufacturing omega-3 fatty acid capsules that come with advanced packaging. 

Now,  let’s take a look into some main highlights of working with the best omega 3 fatty acid capsules manufacturer in India – 

  1. Grab this amazing opportunity to grow your business without any hefty investment that also comes with the assistance of experts.
  2. Our operational services are not just limited to delivering products, but our dedicated team is here to provide you support in different aspects of the business, whether it is market analysis or packaging. 
  3. Also, Greenwell Lifesciences assured on-time delivery of all the orders PAN India. 
  4. Throughout the process of omega 3 softgel capsule manufacturing, our process keeps you updated and will also maintain inventory. 
  5. Last but not least, Greenwell Lifesciences guarantees 100% quality and certified softgel gel capsules to its clients. 

What Are Omega-3 Fatty Acid Capsules & Its Benefits?

Omega 3 fatty acids are naturally found in some dietary supplements, fish, and flaxseed. Another popular name for omega-3 fatty acids is fish oil.  Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) are different sources of omega 3. Also, Omega 3 fatty acid capsules come under the category of lipid-regulating or antilipemic medicines. These capsules work by lowering triglycerides absorbed in the body. Reportedly, Omega 3 fatty acid helps in lowering the risk of heart disease and maintains overall body functions. Also, these capsules have been used for treating various health conditions including dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, infant health, cardiovascular health, degeneration, arthritis, and so on. Here are some health benefits of taking Omega-3 fatty acid capsules. 

  1.  It is a source of energy and provides stamina to the body. 
  2. Omega-3 fatty acid capsules promote healthy muscle build. 
  3. Also, these capsules help reduce the inflammation caused due to infection or any illness. 
  4. Omega-3 fatty acid has proven evidence to lower the risk of heart disease and even prevent aging to some extent. 
  5. Moreover, these capsules enhance immunity and have healing properties. 
  6. Omega-3 fatty acid is good for maintaining overall health. 

Rising Demand For Omega 3 Fatty Acid Capsules In India 

Over the years, Omega-3 fatty acid capsules have been rising tremendously. According to recent reports, India is an emerging market for omega-3 fatty acids, growing with a CAGR rate of 4% for the next 5 years. Even the Indian market is expected to grow bigger than China and the USA. There are several reasons behind the rising demand for omega-3 fatty acid capsules such as –

  1. Increasing awareness regarding health and dietary supplements. 
  2. More people are following plant-based diets. 
  3. Advanced in the food processing and agriculture sector. 
  4. More  omega-3 fatty acids products are easily accessible in the market.
  5. Social media and disposable income do have a positive effect on the increased demand for omega-3 softgel capsules in India. 

Lastly, if you are interested in outsourcing third-party manufacturing services for omega-3 softgel capsules, then reach out to Greenwell Lifesciences today! 

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